Personal Finance Ch. 7

Which of the following will not help you establish a good credit history? Making as many purchases as possible with cash
Which of the following is the least common manner in which an identity theft victim discovers the crime? Routine examination of a credit report
Which of the following is the best rule to follow in shredding information? If you have any question, shred it
The cost of using credit may result in ________ spending and ________ debt. excessive; increased
Which of the following federal agencies should always be notified in the event of identity theft? Federal Trade Commission
Which of the following items should not be removed from your wallet? Driver’s License
When making purchases on line, you can take all of the following steps to recognize and avoid identity theft except use your cell phone to place credit card orders.
Which of the following can be used by a creditor in deciding whether or not to grant credit? credit history
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of using credit? Makes it easier to save
Using e-mail messages from a legitimate source to obtain account information for the purpose of identity theft is referred to as phishing
The item that receives the most weight in the FICO credit scoring system is Credit payment history
Which of the following is not true regarding revolving open-end credit? If the balance is not paid off over a period of months, a penalty is incurred
Which of the following will not be included on your credit report? FICO Score
The Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act has designated which federal agency as the central clearinghouse for all identity theft complaints? FTC
Which of the following would not be contacted in all cases of identity theft? Postal Inspection Service

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