inquizitive chapter 10

Winners of – elections go on to face each other in the – election. primary general
One advantage digital media has over traditional media concerning campaigns is its low cost. true it does
In 2016, – won the electoral college. In that same election, – won the popular vote. Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Match the frequency of the election cycle to the corresponding election type.presidential congressional presidential – 4 years congressional – 2 years
Relative to campaigns in the nineteenth century, today’s campaigns require – effort by campaign workers and – campaign money. less more
Which of the following statements are correct regarding the stability of party identification? Looking at the electorate as a whole, party identification is stable.Individuals rarely change their party identification.
One of the unexpected twists of the 2016 election was how strong of a challenge Hillary Clinton faced for the Democratic nomination. Her strongest challenge came from which liberal Senator from Vermont? bernie sanders
Ballot initiatives influence political behavior. Which of the following characteristics are correct regarding citizens in states with ballot initiatives? higher levels of turnoutmore knowledge about politics
Since America’s Founding, candidates for president have been nominated using a variety of methods. Put the following nomination methods in order from earliest in American history to the most recent. congressional “King Caucus”delegates chosen by state party leadersdelegates chosen by primaries and caucuses
Match the type of campaign on the left with each campaign characteristic that describes it on the right.grassroots campaign mass media campaign local campaign-grassroots campaignorganizationally driven-grassroots campaignstatewide campaign-mass media campaignmoney-intensive-mass media campaign
In the United States, which levels of government are most responsible for administering elections? city governmentscounty governmentsstate governments
Maria is deciding whether to vote to re-elect a sitting president or to vote for the other party’s challenger. She decides to engage in retrospective voting. As a retrospective voter, she might consider which of the following? how the economy did during the president’s previous term in office
Which of the following set groups such as 527s and 501(c)(4)s apart from more traditional campaign finance groups such as political action committees? These groups are not subject to the spending limits of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act.These groups cannot coordinate directly with campaigns.
McCutcheon et al. v. FEC (2014) removed limits on individuals’ campaign contributions
Citizens United v. FEC (2010) government could not restrict independent expenditures by corporations
Buckley v. Valeo (1974) introduced idea that campaign contributions count as speech
When is party identification most likely to influence a person’s vote choice? when that person is voting on state legislative candidateswhen that person is unfamiliar with the issueswhen that person knows little about the candidates
Direct democracy allows voters the opportunity to directly translate their preferences into government policy. Match the following characteristics of direct democracy to their respective form—ballot initiatives or referenda. Ballot Initiatives: Allow citizens to place proposed laws directly on ballotReferenda: State legislatures refers laws to voters for popular vote; present in 50 states
Order the political candidates on their likelihood of attracting campaign donations from interest groups from most likely to least likely. 1. Incumbent members of majority party2. Incumbent member of minority party3. Challenger candidate from majority party4. Challenger candidate from minority party
Which form of electoral system is most common in the United States? plurality system
Which statement best characterizes the relationship between consumer confidence and presidential elections? the incumbent party tends to win when the confidence exceeds 100
Negative campaign ads are more likely to address -, while positive campaign ads tend to focus on -. policy positions personal characteristics
The trend in campaign finance law over time has been toward which the following? fewer restrictions on campaign donations
By participating in as many newsworthy events as possible, such as visiting orphanages or disaster sites, candidates are often attempting to save money by generating so-called __________ media. free media

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