Which of the following is not a political problem that stage governments must address foreign policy
In the United States the largest subgroup of Hispanics are Mexican Americans
What is the most significant change in the nations ethnic composition over the last decade sharp increase of Hispanics
which of the following is not required for nationalization a high school degree
which of the following handles the greatest volume of public business and directs the bulk of public programs state and local government
which of the following is responsible for the largest portion of state and local government budgets combined education
what is an example of a commonwealth Puerto Rico
how did the 23 amendment affect Washington allowed them to vote for president
when seeking admission to the union new states must approve a constitution and obtain congressional approval
All fifty states have written constitutions? True
State Constitutions are the supreme law of the state (second only to the US constitution) and take precedence over any state law that conflicts with them True
The colonists claimed that their charters granted them protection From British interference in colonial affairs
Unlike the US Constitution, state constitutions often contain many policy mandates on diverse topics
What involves a specific number of voters petitioning to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot for approval by voters? Popular initiative
State governments mirror the basic structure of the US federal government with separate legislative, executive, and judicial branches, a principle referred to as Separation of Powers
State Constitutions frequently place severe restrictions on the taxation power of State and Local Government
The most common and successful method of amending state constitutions is through Legislative Proposals
The jobs of constitutional revision commissions is to Study and recommend specific constitutional changes
Which of the following states has defied the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution and legalized the recreational use of marijuana? Colorado
The legal source of authority for the division of powers between the states and the federal government (as it is interpreted by the Supreme Court) The Constitution
In a ______ form of government, most or all of the power and authority is given to the local units of government. Confederation
The regulation of marriage and divorce and the provision of roads and public works are examples of power reserved to the _____. States
Which of the following is a power that is DENIED only to states in the U.S. Constitution? Power to coin money
In order to amend the U.S. Constitution, proposals must be approved by ________. 1/4 of the States
The landmark case of Marbury v. Madison profoundly influenced the development of American federalism by giving the U.S. Supreme Court _______. The power to interpret whether the acts of Congress, the President and states are in accordance with the constitution
For many years, the Supreme Court narrowly construed interstate commerce to mean _________. Only the movement of goods and services across state lines
Which of the following has been the principal instrument in the expansion of national power? Federal In Aid Grants
Which of the following would a categorical grant fund? Food Stamps
Which one of the following statements regarding political participation is accurate? Older citizens are more likely than young people to be regular voters
According to recent data from the Federal Election Commission, which of the following generates the greatest voter turnout? Presidential Elections
A voter who seeks to maximize personal benefits and minimize costs is viewd as a ________ Rational Voter
High voter turnout levels in some states are mostly attributed to _______. High Income and Education Levels
Which of the following was passed in response to voting controversies that occurred in the 2000 presidential election? Help America Vote Act
Which of the following has become the most noted focus of controversy for partisan elections? Voter ID
Which state’s voter eligibility law were so stringent that they were ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013? Arizona
Which of the following groups has the lowest voter turnout levels? Asian Americans
In the early years of American history, voting was limited to males who met all of the following qualifications EXCEPT _____. They were lawyers
Which of the following is a general phenomenon in weak party states? Strong Interest Group System
Which of the following do state campaign finance laws generally do? They regulate corporate contributions to candidates
Open primaries are _____. Primary elections in which a voter may cast a ballot in either party’s primary election
A majority winner in a runoff primary is the candidate receiving ______ 50 percent plus one of the votes
The increased influence of the media and single-issue interest groups in the electoral process has contributed to ______ Rise in candidate centered elections
The important functions political parties provide in American politics include all of the following EXCEPT Passing State Campaign Finance Laws
Which of the following did California voters approve out of frustration over partisan gridlock in the state capital? Top Two Primary
Republican party activists tend to be more ____ than the general public whereas Democratic party activists tend to be more ____ than the general public Conservative, Liberal
States where one political party controls one or both houses of the legislature and the other political party controls the governorship have a _________. Divided Party Government
The level of party competition in a state may be measured by all of the following variables EXCEPT ________. Media Favoritism
State party affairs are governed largely by the ________. Laws of the States
If committees simply ignore a bill or fail to schedule hearings on it, they are said to be _______. Pigeonholing it
The Supreme Court decision Baker v. Carr established the concept of__________ One person one vote
Which of the following is NOT a reason that incumbents win so many elections? Incumbents face quality challengers
Which of the following is the first significant challenge that legislative candidates face in order to be competitive in an election? Raising money to finance their campaign
Which of the following is NOT a function of state legislatures? Electing Governors
Which of the following scenarios does NOT normally accompany legislative institutionalization? One party has control of the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch
_________ refers to drawing of district lines for political advantage Gerrymandering
Which of the following is the primary function of committees in the legislative process? Reduce legislative work to manageable proportions by providing for a division of labor among legislators
Those legislators who simply reflect the wishes of their constitutents are known as _______ Delegates
Those legislators who make decisions based solely on their personal convictions are classified as _________. Trustees
State governments in which one political party controls one or both houses of the legislature and the other political party controls the governorship are referred to as _______ party governments Divided
Which of the following is a legislative power that usually requires a two-thirds vote of both houses Veto Override
Which of the following powers gives the Governor the most influence over state policy priorites? Control over the state budget
Which of the following is NOT included in the formal managerial powers of a governor? Commanding media attention
Which of the following is generally recommended by supporters of reorganizaiton of the state executive branch? A more centralized state executive branch
Which one of the following is the power of legislatures to remove executive and judicial officers from office for offenses such as terason or bribery? Impeachment
Which of the following is the role of the attorney general? Chief legal counsel for the state
A state auditor is responsible for ________; state comptrollers are responsible for Post audits pre audits
The lieutenant governor’s formal duties are most directly comparable to those of ________. Vice President of the United States
A veto override by the legislature is rare True
State right-to-work laws allow unions, but do not allow dues to be mandatory for employees of unionized workplaces. True
In theory, bureaucracies are created to _______ policies. Implement
Regulation is The development of formal rules for implementing legislation
Most state constitutions require the operating budgets of the state and local governments to be _______. Balanced
An act of the legislature that allocates a certain amount of money to executive agenceis is called an _________. Appropriation
Most state and local governments’ fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on _______. June 30
The tendency of buraeaucrats and elected officials to approve new programs and spending while seldom reviewing existing programs for their continued justification is known as _________. Incrementalism
________ is the process of bureaucratic decision making about individual cases. Devolution
Selecting government employees based solely on their political support is characteristic of _______. Patronage System
Political support for privatization has come primarily from ________. Conservatives
Which of the following processes marks a distinction between the judicial decision making process and that in other branches of government? Judges must NOT appear to allow political considerations to impact their decisions
The fundation of our legal system is a body of judge made law called _______ English Common Law
The government attorney in a criminal case is the _______. Prosecutor
Trial judges have considerable discretion in ________. Sentencing
Except in Florida, to obtain a conviction in criminal cases involving the death penalty, petit juries must _______. Be unanimous
Major trial courts of general jurisdiction are used ________. For felonies and important civil suits
Courts that first hear the facts of a case and deliver a verdict are called ________. Trial Courts
Which of the sollowing is a major trial court? Criminal Courts
The authority of a state court to interpret its state constitution and expand guarantees of civil liberties beyond the federal protections in the US Constitution is known as _______ federalism. Judicial
Laws passed by the legislature are called _________. Statutory Law
The form of city government that gives both legislative and executive powers to the governing body is the ______. Traditional Commission
Which of the following most closely embodies the principles of direct democracy? New England Town Meetings
Traditional administrative subdivisions of counties that are mainly in the Northeast and Midwest are called ______. Townships
The elected governing body with general responsibility for all county functions is the _____. County Commission
Which of the following is a unit of local government created for the provision of specific services not supplied by general-purpose governments? Special District
Keeping records of deeds, mortgages, births and marriages is the function of ______. County Governments
Constitutionally, local governments are part of ________. State governments
Which unit of government provides a wide range of services such as a county, city or township? General-Purpose Government
A document that grants a community the power of local self-government (and effectively acts as a “constitution” of sorts) is called a ________. City Charter
Affluent residents who are dissatisfied with a community tend to want to _______ community services. Privatize
Relatively new forms of citizen interation with government include all of the following EXCEPT _______. Door to door campaigning
Political machines acquired power by _______. Soliciting votes and controlling elections in exchange for social services
Voter turnout in local elections is substantially higher than in state or national elections False
A communitarian view of goernment sees value in citizen participation, not just in votingto solve community problems true
Council members have more formal power in __________ Weak mayor forms of government
In most council-manager cities, the most important policy initiator is the _________. Manager
Local newspapers influence community politics in all of the following ways EXCEPT ______. By dramatizing a crime story to boost circulation
Which of the following is NOT a factor distinguishing “strong” mayors from “weak” mayors? Power to relinquish political office
Holding local elections at the same time as the presidential election __________. Increases voter turnout
Which of the following were not supporters of the municipal reform movement from the beginning? organized labour
Because a metropolitan area consists of a large number of diverse people living in close proximity, challenges about in________. conflict management
“Gentrification” is the term used to describe the movement of wealthy residents and trendy high-end businesses to the suburbs. true
The Tiebout Model argues that the existence of many local governments in the same areacreates inefficiency and dampens competition. false
A major criticism of the Tiebout Model of efficient local government is that it assumes residentshave a high degree of mobility to be able to select their city of residence. true
Modern modes of transportation eliminated the necessity of ________. workers living close to their jobs
Which of the following accurately describes familism? A child-centered lifestyle frequently observed in suburbs
Which of the following is NOT a reason given in support of metropolitan consolidation? Developing a sense of community identity
Which of the following refers to voluntary pacts among local governments in a metropolitan area withthe aim of performing services jointly or on behalf of each other? Interjurisdictional agreements
A federated system of government for metropolitan areas in which powers are dividedbetween a comprehensive government encompassing the entire area and multiplelocal governments operating within the area is known as _______. metro government
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a metropolitan federation? Enhancement of socio-political values
The passage of the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1913 established the ________. Principle of a graduated income tax based on ability to pay
Income tax rates that rise with increases in income are known as ________. Progressive taxes
Taxes that disproportionately affect low-income groups are said to be _____. Regressive
The sum of all goods and services produced in the United States in a year is itsgross domestic product (GDP) True
All of the following categories of properties are exempted from taxation EXCEPT _______. Properties for private business purposes
Homeowners are more likely to object to _____ taxes than renters, while renters are more likely to object to ______ taxes than homeowners. Corporate; sales
Constitutional tax limitations have applied to all of the following EXCEPT _______. Cell phone usage
Most state constitutions prohibit deficits in ______. operating budgets
State constitutions may place restrictions on state debts, limiting the total amount of money that a government can borrow, in the form of ______. debt ceilings
Those bonds issued by state and local governments that are backed by the full faithand credit of the government that issued them are known as _______. general obligation

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