Personal Finance Ch 5: Investment Choices- Real Estate, Mutual Funds, and Other Options

Which of the following is NOT a guideline for investing in real estate?a.consider purchase and management costs and estimate the income the property will provide.b.find reliable professionals to represent your interests.c.learn about property values and management.d.wait for an opportunity free of risks. D
Money market funds invest primarily in foreign currency. False
A company that uses the money it receives from investors to buy securities from corporations and governments. Mutual funds
Conservative bonds and stocks that pay regular dividends. income fund
Investment that provides low-risk, moderate growth, and dividend investment opportunities. Balanced fund
A form that instructs your broker to buy or sell a certain stock at a set price or better. Limit order
Securities that are expected to increase in value, emphasizing growth over income. Growth fund
Full-service brokerage firmsa.have lower commissions.c.provide no investment advice.b.offer portfolio management.d.teach you how to do market research. B
A closed-end only available online.c.has a floating number of shares.b.has a fixed number of sold directly by the company. B
A form that instructs your broker to buy or sell when and if a stock reaches a specified price. Stop order

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