Finance vocabulary

assets what a person owns of value
Bank a place where people put their money for safekeeping
brokerage firm helps people invest their money
Budget A financial plan used to forecast and track income and expenses
Career Profession or field of employment for which one goes to school for
Certificate of Deposit A savings certificate that gains interest and has set time before you can with drawyour money
charity giving resourcesor volunteeringtim eit help those in need
comparison shopping finding out weather or not what you are about to buycan be found for a better priceor in better shape at another store
controlling risks stuff you do to make risks less dangerous than before or not dangerous at all
Credit The providing of money or goods with the expectation of payment in the future
credit union just like a bank only its members own it
desision making consideing different information to make a choice
entrepreneur a person who starts his or her own buisness
expense the costof the things that people spend money on
financial advisor a person whois an expert at handling moneyand can give you information and advice about saving and investing
financial literacy the knowledge and skills to manage money
goods things that are made to be sold
health insurance helps people pay for medicine and doctors when people are hurt
impulse buying buying stuff without thinking about weathe ror not you need it
income money earned from working and other means
income tax annual tax places on the money emplayes make at jobs and collected by the federal government most states and and some local governments

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