Chapter 13 – Finance and Fiscal Policy

Texas is accused of low levels of spending in what Welfare programs, recreational
The Texas state tax mandated on the revenue of many businesses is the franchise tax
The “pay-as-you-go” system means that the Texas legislature must not pass a deficit budget
The tax that produces the most significant amount of revenue in Texas is the general sales tax.
so-called “sin taxes” are levies placed on alcohol, mixed drinks, and tobacco
Taxing the citizen: lowest, middle or highest? Lowest
Which state program in Texas does not receive substantial federal funding? Teacher retirement
The largest share of public land revenue in Texas is derived from oil lease fees and royalties.
The investment of state funds is currently handled by the comptroller of public accounts.
Approximately what percentage of state expenditures goes to all education funding in Texas? 35-40 percent
Approximately what percentage of state expenditures goes to Health and Human Services funding? 45-50 percent
The second largest single expenditure item by functional class of the Texas government is public elementary and secondary education.
The Robin Hood Plan is an attempt to equalize funding among public schools.
The state’s largest financial aid program is the Texas Grant Program
Where does Texas rank among the states in the tax burden on its citizens? near the bottom
Which of the following is not a source of revenue for Texas state government? State income tax

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