Chapter 6: The Director and the Producer

Artistic Director Person responsible for all creative and artistic activities for resident and repertory companies.
Auditions Tryouts held for performers who want to be considered for roles in a production.
Auteur director A director who believes that his or her role is to be the author of a production.POV dominates that of the playwright, and the director may make textual changes and modifications.
Blocking Pattern and arrangement of performers’ movements onstage with respect to each other and to the stage space, usually set by the director.
Casting Assigning roles to performers in a production; this is usually done by the director.
Director * In American usage, the person responsible for the overall unity of a production and for coordinating the work of contributing artists. The American director is the equivalent of the British producer and the French metteur-en-scéne
Dramaturg Literary manager or dramatic adviser of a theatre company; discovering or reading new plays, working with playwrights to develop new scripts, identifying overlooked plays from the past, preparing information,ation on the history of classical works, researching past productions and criticism; can also aid the director in making decisions regarding style, approach, and concept
Dress rehearsal Rehearsal in which a play is performed as it will be for ht public, including all the scenery, costumes, and technical effects.
Front of the house All of the nonproductiion elements of the theatre space that relate to he audience’s experience, including the auditorium, lobby, and box office. (done by noncommercial managing directer)
Pace Rate at which a performance is played; also, to play a scene or an entire event to determine its proper speed.
Producer In American usage, the person responsible of the business side of a production, including raising the necessary money. (In British usage, a producer is the equivalent of an American director)
Run-through Rehearsal in which the cast goes through the entire text of the play in the order that it will be performed.
Spine In the Stanislavski method, a character’s dominant desire or motivation; usually thought of as an action and expressed as a verb
Stage Manager Person who coordinates all the rehearsals for the director and runs the actual show during its performances
Stage picture Visual composition; how an entire scene onstage will appear to the audience.
Technical rehearsal Rehearsal at which all the design and technical events are brought together.
Modern vs. Postmodern Production Aesthetics * Modern: organic unity, single view, single viewer approach, shared values of audience, metaphorical or representational, linear, closeness, time is singularly staged, space is unified* Postmodern: interdisciplinary, no single view can predominate, multi perspective multi focus, multicultural, presentational, nonlinear/simultaneous, distance, multiple times frames are presented simultaneously, space is fragmented and can be simultaneous conceived
Producers in Commercial Theatre * Raising money to finance the production * Securing rights to the script* Dealing with the agents for the playwright, director, and performers* Hiring the director, performers, designers and stage crews* Dealing with theatrical unions* Renting the theatre space* Supervising ht work of those running the theatre: in the box office, auditorium, and business office* Supervising the advertising* Overseeing the budget and the week to week financial management of the production

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