Ch 11 How Are Schools Governed, Influenced, and Financed.

What effect did the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution have upon public education? Legal responsibility for school governance was delegated to the states
The administration and operation of public education are primarily the responsibility of each state. True
Which of these bodies makes law and is considered the most influential in setting up educational policy? State legislature
The state of Illinois wants to establish a policy regarding its public education in the twenty-first century. Illinois wants to create a broad-based policy outlining its priorities and establishing its goals for the state’s students. Which agency would issue this policy? The state board of education
The agency that administers and distributes state and federal funds, certifies or licenses teachers, and accredits professional training programs is the… State department of education
Although women make up the vast majority of teachers, only one out of four school superintendents is a woman. True
The typical holder of this position is white, male, and college-educated, and has a managerial or professional job unrelated to the position. The position is… Local school board member
Approximately half of public school financing comes from the federal government, with the rest coming from state and local governments. False
Brian Bomberger spends part of his work time interviewing and promoting personnel. He ensures that there are adequate funds to run school facilities through his planning and administration of the budget, and he also is responsible for administering curriculum and instruction. What is Brian’s occupation? District superintendent
During recent presidential elections, hundreds of thousands of educators have been mobilized to support a particular party platform and the candidate endorsed by that party. Which organization has been instrumental in influencing the educators to support a particular candidate? National Education Association
Which of the following most aptly characterizes the historical stance that business has had toward education? Business was and still is interested in educational efficiency, standardization, and productivity
Ms. DuPree, a teacher at Belleville High School, volunteers as the drama coach. The school musical selected this year, Little Shop of Horrors, has generated widespread student involvement; however, because of the tight school budget, Ms. DuPree has not been able to get the necessary costumes or props for the show. Which of the following would be the most likely and able candidate to provide her with what she needs for the school play? District superintendent
Title I was designed to provide federal funds to divisions for… Title I was designed to provide federal funds to divisions for…

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