Personal Finance

True T/F Financial literacy is knowledge about money and what you do with money.
True T/F A good steward of God’s resources is careful and responsible.
saves money, reduces stress, helps you make smart decisions, reduces your risk of losing money What are the reasons for becoming financially literate?
misunderstanding A misconception is a ______________.
driving without car insurance An example of financial irresponsibility is _________________.
True T/F When making financial decisions, it is important that you evaluate the source critically.
True T/F It’s important to use information that is both reliable and relevant when making financial decisions.
False A long-term goal is a desired result that may be achieved in less than one year.
True Assets are items you own that have value.
True Written goals should be detailed, measurable, and include a plan.
PACED What is a process for making financial decisions?
calculating your net worth The first step in setting goals is to?
thinking seriously about your goals The second step in setting goals is to ?
False T/F Written goals should be simple and short.
False You should not use the PACED decision-making process to make career choices. It should mostly be used for financial decisions.
True A graphic organizer helps you visualize what’s needed to reach your career goals.
criteria Work environment is one _____________ that you could consider when making a career decision.
True The government uses the revenue from taxes to pay for goods and services for the community.
False Interest you receive from a bank is not considered income.
a fee paid to an employee for their sale or services Commission is….
deadline to file your tax return April 15 is the…….
money a company shares with the stockholders A dividend is……
employee benefit The company you work for deposits money into your retirement plan. This is an example of a/an……
submit information to your employer to let them know how much to take out of your paycheck for taxes The purpose of a W-4 form is to……
taxes Sales, property, and income are three types of……

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