Personal finance

The problem if bankruptcy is associated with poor decisions in the —- component of financial planning. Borrowing
You have a two year old. You want to have enough money for college. What type of goal is this? A long term financial goal.
The main responsibility of the fed is to Maintain an adequate supply of money
The time value of money refers to Increases in an amount of money as a result of interest
Which of the following goals would be the easiest to implement and measure its accomplishment Save $100 a month to create a $4000 emergency fund.
Opportunity cost refers to What a person gives up by making a choice
Which of the following is an example of opportunity cost Saving money instead of taking a vacation
The financial planning process concludes with efforts to Review and revise the financial plan
Future value calculations invokve Compounding
When you make financial decisions you are always giving something up. This trade off is known as Opportunity cost
With an inflation rate of 9%, prices would double in about — years 8
A question associated with the saving component of financial planning is Do you have an adequate emergency fund
One aspect of financial planning is to buys stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments. Which component of financial planning does this deal with? Investsing
Brad has a goal of saving $59 a month. What does his savings plan lack? A time frame
If inflation is increasing at 3% a year, how long will it take our salary to double? 24 years
The first step of financial planning process is Determine your current financial position
— play a role in setting orices Supply and demand
The study of how wealth is created and distributed is Exinomixs
A family spends $40,000 on living expenses. With annual inflation rate of 3% they can expect to pay approximately — in 15 years $63,320
Some savings and investment choices have potential for higher earnings. However they may be hard to convert to cash. This problem is called Liquidity risk

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