IBUS 102

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) performs which of the following functions? Provide loans and take equity position in private companies of developing countries and works toward developing capital markets in those economies
Which of the following is NOT true regarding competitive markets? Antitrust laws must be eliminated if competitive markets re to be sustained.
A world economy in which the engines of growth could comprise the United States, the European Union, China, India, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa rather than the United States alone can be described as a(n) __________. multi-polar world
ABC Technology touts in their advertisements that their technology can transfer huge amount of data and other information in a second via the Internet. This describes ABC’s _____ in technology. bandwith
Successive waves of globalization include characteristics such as the expansion of trade, the diffusion of technology, extensive migration, and _____. cross-fertilization of diverse cultures
The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency performs which of the following functions? Provides political risk coverage for private investments made in developing countries
To sustain globalization, nations must build institutions that support all of the following EXCEPT command economies
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development performs which of the following functions? Supports reconstruction and restructuring of member countries utilizing funds raised in international capital markets
An office uses printer paper made primarily of recycled paper. This is an example of a ______ policy. sustainable development
Which of the following is NOT a key aspect of globalization? financial independence
Which of the following is NOT true regarding results from a survey by the World Bank on corporate social responsibility (CSR)? 90% of multinationals will make their decisions based on CSR issues with regard to foreign direct investment.
Trade without discrimination, freer trade, predictability, promotion of fair competition, and _____ are the five principles of the multilateral trading system encouragement of economic reform in developing countries
Illicit dealings undermine economic performance by doing all of the following EXCEPT: decreasing costs
The rapid fall in prices of digital IT equipment and services may make the digital divide a myth
Taxes on imports that are collected by a designated government agency responsible for regulating imports are called _____. custom duties
The U.S. government may require that apparel imported into the United States should use U.S. cotton, or use a certain amount of American labor. This is an example of a(n) _____. domestic content provision
Of the following statements about foreign direct investment, which is NOT true? Foreign investors have little faith in high-income economies such as Canada
Assume that because of soil and climatic conditions, Brazil is more efficient in the production of coffee than the United States. At the same time, the United States is more efficient in the production of apples than Brazil. Each of these countries can be said to have a(n) _____. absolute advantage
The United States, the European Union, and Australia imposed various trade sanctions on _____ because of that country’s annexation of Crimea and military actin in east Ukraine. Russia
Of the following statements about trade, which is NOT true? trade does not influence culture
The oldest form of trade theory is called _____ mercantilism
The sale and purchase of goods and services across national borders is known as _____. trade
How does Porter’s model of national competitive advantage differ from the Heckscher-Ohlin theory? it looks more closely at the quality of factor endowments
The corporate practice of acquiring or producing quality goods or services at a lower cost abroad thereby eliminating domestic production is called _____. outsourcing

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