finance ch. 14

guidelines for insider trading require that the investor hold securities for at least six months
which of the following is an internal source of funds cash flow from depreciation ( tax shield)
federally sponsored credit agencies include all but which of the following securities investor protection corporation (sipc)
which of the following are benefits of financial intermediaries increase market liquidity
During the next several years, the major threat to the dominance of the US money and capital markets is expected to come from the eurozone countries comprising the european monetary union and a single currency
with respect to the united states and its relationship with the rest of the world, it can be said that foreign investors hold large positions in US government securities
financial instruments in the capital markets generally fall under which category in the balance sheet long-term liabilities and equity
the most important capital markets in the world (in terms of value) are located in New York
the purpose of secondary trading is to provide liquidity and competition between investors
Companies list their stock around the globe to increase liquidity for their stockholders and provide opportunities for sale of new stock in foreign countries
which of the following is not an example of indirect investment by a household investment in an original offering of corporate securities
foreign investors have preferred to invest in the united states EXCEPT for which of the following reason less stringent regulation of securities markets
the major supplier of funds for investments in the whole economy is households
financial intermediaries serve which of the following purpose They aid in the flow of funds through the economy.They help provide allocation of funds to the best investments.They allow for indirect investment in the capital markets by households.
the strong form of the efficient market hypothesis states that all information both public and private is immediately reflected in stock prices

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