personal finance test 2

closing credit card accounts will increase your credit score false
dealer holdback programs permit the dealer to retain a portion of the invoice price true
if your credit card is lost or stolen or if you suspect fraudulent use of an account you should contact each of the three national credit bureaus and have a high risk account holder designation put on file false
the goal of monetary asset management is to maximize interest earning and minimize … while keeping funds safe and readily available true
the national auto dealers association web is a good source of used car prices false
the best place to make your final purchase is the destination of the place of purchase false
needs and wants should both be considered necessities false
interest is the charge for the privlege of borrwing money true
a fixed intrerest rate means that the rate won’t change over the lifetime of the loan true
the true cost of an automobile to the dealer is invoice price less any dealer discounts
marina closed end lease 2015 ford edge turn the vehicle back over to the leasing company and receive 14000
you might find yourself obligated to pay an entire debt in full if you miss several payments because of the ___ clause found in most installment loan contracts acceleration
bankruptcy protection scheme that allows income earners to satisfy outstanding debts in whole or in part within a specific time frame wage earner plan
consumer credit can take the form of an installment loan that is repaid in ______ payments over a ______ period of time equal, set?
a stock brokerage firm is a licensed financial institution that all of these
if gus beleives invest in long term fixed rate cd
companies that offer written express warranties must do so under which federal act magnuson moss warranty act
to protect your credit card privacy do what review your credit bureau report at least once a year

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