Personal finance consumer purchasing housing decisions

Express What type of warranty is specific agreement created by the seller or manufacturer
Intended use of a Howard recently became aware of implied warranty that exists for consumer purchases and implied warranty exists as a result of
High cost and low chance of need A major criticism of service contract is
Returning to Most consumer complaints are resolved
Pam is playing to you the service of the Better Business Bureau a major purpose of the Better Business Bureau is to Result consumer complaints
Mediation The process of resolving consumer complaints of the use of a third party who suggested solution to discussion in the goshi ation
Legally binding Arbitration differs from mediation in that arbitration is
, class action suit A group of people to be paid out of legal action
The Federal Trade CommissionRequires Used cars be informed if the vehicle comes with a warranty
Maintenance It’s considered a variable operating expense of an automobile
Lease payments An advantage of leasing a vehicle is that the lease payments are likely to be lower than the finance payments
Property taxes
Lower initial cost Brenda plans to rent instead of buying her house what advantage of renting will burn during counter
Increase property value A common financial benefit of homeownership is
Increased family income Would increase the amount that a person could afford on spending at home
25 Todd is applying for a hundred thousand mortgage he can get a 600 monthly payment for principal and interest at no points or a 520 monthly payment would do. How many months will it take Todd to cover the cost of the discount. If it takes a lower monthly payment
Tax benefits What is one of the advantages of buying a home
Security deposit The costs associated with renting
Title An example of a closing cost

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