VB Personal Finance Using Online Banking (Reading Quiz)

QUESTION 1 of 10: Identity theft is important to be aware of because: d) Once your identity is stolen, it can be fraudulently sold, and others can continue to use your good credit to obtain credit cards and loans
QUESTION 2 of 10: The most secure Internet access is available through: a) Cable modem, DSL, or dial-up Internet
QUESTION 3 of 10: An online account transfer is: b) A transfer of money from one account to another conducted online
QUESTION 4 of 10: Phishing is: b) Using a fake Web site or e-mail to intimidate someone into giving away personal information such as user names, passwords, or Social Security numbers
QUESTION 5 of 10: Online banking is probably not necessary if: a) You only have two checks per month and no automatic deposits
QUESTION 6 of 10: Overdraft fees can be avoided by: c) Knowing your account balance and what upcoming bills will be paid
QUESTION 7 of 10: Online bill payment: a) Can happen automatically every month, even if you set it up just once
QUESTION 8 of 10: When paying bills online, a payee is: b) Someone to whom you send a payment
QUESTION 9 of 10: With online banking, you can: c) Pay bills, check your balance, and see if checks have cleared on your bank’s online Web site
QUESTION 10 of 10: A good password: c) Includes a combination of letters and numbers that are memorable and meaningful to you

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