Personal Finance (Understanding Credit)

Kenya used a debit card to buy a pair of jeans. Which statement is true about her method of payment? Kenya used money directly from her bank account to buy the jeans.
Quincy listed information from his credit report. Which list could Quincy have written? previous address, current address, bankruptcy, car loan payment history
Tamera and Rupert each applied for the same credit card through the same company. Tamera has a positive credit history. Rupert has a negative credit history. Tamera’s credit limit is most likely higher than Rupert’s, and her interest rate is most likely lower.
Lois bought clothing at a store. She did not have enough in her bank account to pay for the purchase. After receiving the bill and paying off the balance, she realized that she paid $9.69 in interest. Which statement is true about her method of payment? Lois used a credit card to make the purchase.
A lender is assessing customers for loans. The credit scores of four customers are below. Ida-820Corrine-550Bruce-390Roland-610Which person will the lender assess as having the lowest risk? Ida
Fido wants to buy a new car. He will need to get a car loan. Fido decides to wait for a few months until his credit history improves. Which explains whether Fido is making a sensible decision? Fido’s decision is sensible because the cost of the car loan should be less if his credit history improves.
Yoko is buying a car from a local car dealership. She wants to get the lowest interest rate possible. Which will most likely help her get the lowest interest rate? making sure she has a positive credit history
Kendrick is planning to buy a house. Which explains why he should establish a positive credit history before buying the house? It will be easier for him to get a loan to buy the house.
This year, Mr. Thomas has a higher credit score than he did last year. Which of the following should Mr. Thomas expect with the improved score? Check all that apply. an easier time getting a car loanan easier time renting an apartment
Tyler is using a credit card to purchase a television. Which of the following should Tyler expect? Check all that apply. to receive a bill at a later dateto be able to pay for it over timeto pay interest if he does not pay in full by a certain date

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