National Finance Exam

Effective October 1, 2015, the real estate industry has new requirements as specified in theHUD-1A Rules.TILT/RESPA Loan Disclosure (TRLD) Rule.Consumer Protection Rules (CPR).TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Rule. TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Rule.
A buyer wants to take out an FHA loan. The broker should refer the buyer directly to ______________any approved lending institution such as a bank or savings and loan FHA appraiser in the area.the Federal Housing Administration office.the Federal National Mortgage Association. any approved lending institution such as a bank or savings and loan association.
A home improvement company was negotiating with a home owner to add two rooms onto a home. The company agreed to take a second mortgage as long as the homeowner also included the rest of the property in the loan. The company and the homeowner agreed to a price and the company provided the necessary disclosure form on Monday and the homeowner signed the agreement at noon the following day. Assuming that the week had five business days, until what time could the homeowner rescind the loan?Tuesday, midnightThursday, midnightFriday, midnightThere is no rescission on a house. Friday, midnight
The Smiths’ purchased a residence for $75,000. They made a down payment of $15,000 and agreed to assume the seller’s existing mortgage, which had a current balance of $23,000. The Smiths’ financed the remaining $37,000 of the purchase price by executing a second mortgage whereby the seller became a mortgagee. This type of loan is called aWraparound mortgagePackage mortgageBalloon notePurchase money mortgage Purchase money mortgage
If a single parent is applying for a real estate loan, when would the fact have to be revealed that part of the parent’s income is from child support?When applying for a VA or FHA loan if the parent’s income is less than $25,000If more than 50% of the parent’s income is non-wage sourcesIf the parent was relying on the income for repayment of the loanThis type of income never needs to be disclosed. It would be a violation of ECOA. If the parent was relying on the income for repayment of the loan
A buyer wanted to use a promissory note for consideration on the purchase of a property. Can he do this?Yes, the buyer can do as he wishes since he is making the contract.Yes, this is acceptable as long as the seller agrees.No, only money can be used for consideration.No, only the seller can write a promissory note. Yes, this is acceptable as long as the seller agrees.
In an installment land contract, what type of title did the seller retain?JointLegalEquitableRecord Legal
A mortgage broker _____________arranges loans between borrowers and a lender.buys mortgages in the secondary mortgage market.buys mortgages and resells them at a profit. arranges loans between borrowers and investors.
Which of the following is considered a conventional loan?FHA insuredVA guaranteedCommercial bank ARM loanFNMA mortgages Commercial bank ARM loan
The Pickets are purchasing a home for $78,000 and the lender is giving them a 90% loan at 10% interest, plus a 2% loan origination fee. How much is the loan origination fee?$1,404$1,560$1,650$7,020 $1,40478,000 x .90 = 70,20070,200 x .02 = 1,404
If advertised alone, which would be in violation of TRUTH IN LENDING?”FHA financing available””Assumable loan””No down payment required””Easy financing terms” “No down payment required”
Who is NOT an originator of primary loans?Savings and loansCredit unionsMortgage brokersFHA FHA
A VA loan may be granted for the purchase of a one-family to four-family if _________________the veteran certifies the rent collected will equal the mortgage payments.the loan will be amortized for not more than 20 years.the down payment will be at least ten percent.the veteran agrees to live there. the veteran agrees to live there.
When the lender under a deed of trust required title insurance, who would be the most likely person to pay for it?The mortgageeThe trusteeThe trustorThe beneficiary The trustor
When the amortized payment of a mortgage remains constant over the period of the loan but leaves an outstanding balance to be paid at the end, this payment is called:An escalation paymentA balloon paymentA satisfaction paymentAn acceleration payment A balloon payment
On an 8% straight term loan of $6,071 the borrower paid total interest of $1,700. What is the term of the loan?30 months36 months42 months48 months 42 months6,071 x .08 = 485.651,700/485.65 = 3.5 years3.5 x 12 = 42 months
The maximum permissible “loan to value ratios” are _____________based on sale price or appraised value, whichever is lower.not determined by federal statute in the case of FHA loans.based on the banker’s competitive market analysis.fixed by law for conventional loans. based on sale price or appraised value, whichever is lower.
All of the following are true of conventional loans except what?They are made to the buyer without governmental insurance or guarantee.The policy requirements of the lenders are not uniform.The requirements to qualify are uniformly fixed by state law.They require a higher down payment than non-conventional loans. The requirements to qualify are uniformly fixed by state law.
A mortgage company makes a number of loans to be assembled into one package and sold to permanent investors. This process is an example of interim financing to the mortgage company and is called:Blanket financingPacking financingWarehousingDiscounting Warehousing
Which of the following is true of a second mortgage?It has priority over a first mortgage.It cannot be used as a security instrument.It is not negotiable.It is usually issued at a higher rate of interest. It is usually issued at a higher rate of interest.
Usury MOST nearly means ______________making loans without the benefit of co-signors.lending money at fluctuating interest rates.being capable of multiple usage.illegal interest. illegal interest.
Which of the following would usually occur in a sale-and-leaseback transaction?The seller gets a return on the purchase in the form of rental payments.The property is sold on the condition that the new owner lease it back to the seller at the time title passes.The buyer keeps capital in inventories rather than in realty.The rent that the seller pays is not income-tax deductible. The property is sold on the condition that the new owner lease it back to the seller at the time title passes.
______ is the cost per thousand that is required to create the principal and interest payment necessary to pay off a loan.A rateA pointA factorA power A factor
In most states, by paying the debt after a foreclosure sale, the mortgagor has the right to regain the property. What is this right called?Equitable right of redemptionOwner’s right of redemptionVendee’s right of redemptionStatutory right of redemption Statutory right of redemption
A standardized yardstick expressing the true annual cost of borrowing is expressed as a/anECOARegulation ZAPRRESPA APR
In a repayment of a mortgage loan, which type of interest is used?SimpleDiscountCompoundFloating Simple
Under Regulation Z, consummation is defined as the time when a consumerrequests a loan application.becomes contractually obligated on a credit within three days of closing a given a completed Loan Estimate. becomes contractually obligated on a credit transaction.
The clause in a trust deed or mortgage which permits the mortgagee to declare the entire unpaid sum due upon a default by a mortgagor is called a(n) ______________judgment clause.acceleration clause.escalator clause.forfeiture clause. acceleration clause.
The discount points charged by a lender on a federal VA or FHA loan are a percentage of the ________________sale price.appraised amount.down payment. loan amount.
A buyer assumes the mortgage. How is the owner relieved of the liability?Subject to mortgageNovationSubstitutionGraduation Novation
A borrower bought a $74,000 house with no down payment. The loan was probably ______________a conventional insured loan.a VA loan.a FHA loan.a conventional loan. a VA loan.
Which of the following describes a mortgage that requires principal and interest payments at regular intervals and calls for the liquidation of the debt by periodic installments until the debt is satisfied?Amortized loanAnnuity loanAcceleration loanAssemblage loan Amortized loan
Why would a mortgagee (beneficiary) have an appraisal on the property?To make sure the buyer did not pay too muchTo determine the value of the propertyTo protect the buyer from fraudTo assure the property value is sufficient to cover the loan To assure the property value is sufficient to cover the loan
The finance charges recorded on the Truth in Lending statements would include all of the following EXCEPT:Loan fees charged by the lenderInsurance premiums for mortgage insurance paymentDiscount points and service feesRecording fees and title insurance premiums Recording fees and title insurance premiums
An owner was selling his own home. Can he advertise the down payment?No, because it violates RESPANo, because it violates Regulation ZYes, as long as it was listed with a brokerYes, because it was his own home Yes, because it was his own home
The Loan Estimate must be delivered to an applicantat the time the loan request is first made.within three calendar days prior to closing.within three calendar days of loan application.within three business days of loan application. within three business days of loan application.
A house sold for $42,000. The buyer made a 20% down payment. Monthly interest on the loan was $252. What was the interest rate on the loan?5%7%9%11% 9%42,000 x .02 = 8,40042,000 – 8,400 = 33,600252 x 12 = 3,0243,024/33,600 = .09 = 9%
Which transaction requires a securities’ license?Leasing a commercial buildingSelling a commercial warehouseSelling shares in Fannie MaeArranging a sale-leaseback on a commercial property Selling shares in Fannie Mae
In which of the following markets may a lender sell a loan that a mortgage banker has previously originated?Primary marketSecondary marketMortgage marketConsumer market Secondary market
Discrimination is prohibited in lending practices under _____________ECOA.RESPA.Truth in Lending Act.FNMA. ECOA.
An increase in the availability of money would lead to which effect?Interest rates would go up.Interest rates would go down.Interest rates would NOT be affected due to RESPA guidelines.Interest rates would NOT be affected due to TRUTH IN LENDING. Interest rates would go down.
The lender is not insured or guaranteed against a loss, by reason of the borrower’s default in repayment, under which type of loan?FHAConventionalVAGI Conventional
Under an FHA graduated payment mortgage, which of the following fluctuates over the term of the loan?Interest rateMonthly paymentsFinance chargeAnnual rate Monthly payments
The primary purpose of Truth in Lending is to _____________control interest rates on behalf of the consumer.control the true costs to close a transaction.disclose the true costs of only an FHA loan.disclose the true costs of obtaining credit. disclose the true costs of obtaining credit.
Who is the largest purchaser in the secondary market?Ginnie MaeFannie MaeFHAFreddie Mac Fannie Mae
An owner advertised “beautiful acreage only $5,000 down, owner will personally finance down payment.” Would this be in violation of the Truth in Lending Act?Yes, acreage is not exempt from Reg Z.Yes, since a down payment was stated.No, owners are not covered by Reg. Z.No, brokers can advertise the down payment. No, owners are not covered by Reg. Z.
On a $50,000 loan the borrower is required to pay 2 points. How much does the borrower have to pay the lender?$49,000.00$50,000.00$51,000.00$52,000.00 $51,000.00
RESPA would prohibit which of the following acts?SteeringPaying of kickbacksBlockbustingRedlining Paying of kickbacks
An impound or reserve account MOST benefits whom?The borrowerThe lenderThe trusteeThe trustor The lender
The seller under a land contract is called _____________the grantor.the grantee.the vendor.the vendee. the vendor.

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