An associate degree is a 2-year degree
“Aptitude” refers to: An inherent talent or ability
In an interview, an appropriate response to “what is an example of one of your weaknesses?” could be: I am too hard on myself sometimes
Which factor is most important in securing well-paying jobs throughtout your career? Having a good education
A resume is generally _________ page(s) in length. one page
A cover letter begins with a(n) heading, and then an introduction
“Cold call” refers to A phone call to a company, asking if they are hiring
Without health insurance, a routine checkup at the doctor’s office can cost you. Several hundred dollars
In a job interview, it is best to broach the topic of salary: At the end of the interview, or wait until the subject is brought up
True or False: Jobs require either specific education or specific work experience, but not both False

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