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Real estate investments are calssified as direct or indirect.
An example of an indirect real estate investment is a participation certificate.
An example of a direct investment is a real estate dwelling.
A morgage REIT is a trype of REIT that pulls money to finance construction loans.
Direct investment is a type of real estate that the investor holds legal title to the property.
An example of an indirect investment is a real estate investment trust (REIT).
Real property equity investments are usually considered attractive during times of inflation.
One of the advantages of being a limited partner in a R.E. ventrure is that you have limited financial liability.
General partners in a real estate investment venture have unlimited financial liability.
Financial leverage refers to the use of borrowed funds for investment purposes.
Diversafication indirect real estate investments is difficult.
A real estate investment trust provides some diversafication.
Straight line depreaction is now required in real estate investments.
IL is a possible disadvantage in a real estate investment.
Responcability for maintaining the rental property is a problem with direct investment.
In general the price of gold flucates daily.
Be certain you don’t let your 45th birthday with out a comperhensive retirecment plan.
At age 65 the average life expencity is (male) 14 years.
At age 65 the average life expencity is (female) 19 years.
your first step in retirement planning is to analize your current assets and liabilitys.
Middle aged people are in the best posistion to save.
You can determine your networth by subtracting your liabilities from your assets.
Reverse anuity mortages are possible when your mortage is largely or completely payed off.
When you are nearing retirement it is a good idea to decrease your face value of your life insurance.
During a divorce divesion of pentions usually depends on length of marriage.
In a marraige that lasts more than 15 years there is generally a 50/50 split of assets.
Health insurance is an expediture or reitiree that is likely to increase.
Medical expenses is an expenditure or retiree that is likely to increase.
Social security is the most widely used source of retirment income.
Possible sources of income for many reitres include: social security, other public pentions plans, employer plans, personal income plans, and anuities.
your home is an individuals single biggest asset.
Apply for SS 3 months before you retire.
Expenditures that are likely to decrease of retirees include clothing, income taxes, work, and housing expenses.
A simple will is sufficent for most small estates.
A simple will leaves everything to your spouse.
A hand written will is called a holyorgraphic will.
A formal will is usually prepared with an attornys assistance.
An executor is a person who will follow your instructions specified in will.
A person who assumes the responcibiltys of providing the children with personal care and manages estate is called a guardian.
A person or institue that holds or manages property for the benefit of someone else under a trust agreement is called a trustee.

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