artistic director person responsible for all creative and artistic activities for resident and repertory companies
auditions tryouts held for performers who want to be considered for roles in a production
what do producers do raising money to finance the production securing the rights to the script deal with everyone unions renting the theatre budget
auteur director a directors believe that his or her role is to dominate the playwrights
dramaturg literary manager and dramatic adviser of a theatre company
spine in stanislavski’s method, a character’s dominant desire or motivation
Russian director Vsevolod Meyerhold is best described as an auteur director.
The type of director who is responsible for the overall style, pace, and visual appearance of a production is best described as both a traditional director and an auteur director.
The type of director who works by discovering the “spine” or main action of the play is best described as both a traditional director and an auteur director.
Which type of director works closely with the text in an attempt to realize the intention of the playwright? a traditional director
Which type of director does not hesitate to alter texts drastically; to combine texts from different sources; to introduce other elements such as film, video, dance, and the visual arts; or to rearrange the times and places in which the action of the drama takes place? an auteur director
Who has primary responsibility for casting the play director
Who coordinates all rehearsals? For example, who lets the performers know their rehearsal schedule? stage manager
Who develops a production’s style? director
Who assembles investors or raises money to finance the production? producer
Who is responsible for the business side of a production? producer

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