History Unit 1 part 3

through capital provided by English pirates How did England finance its early exploration and colonization of America
the arguments of Richard Hakluyt What influenced the idea and growth of colonization in England
Joint-stock companies were formed for colonization How did England successfully develop English colonies in the New World
John Cabot discovered America for England
Philip II ordered the Spanish Armada
Francis Drake escaped the Spanish by sailing around the world
Richard Hakluyt encouraged English colonization
Sir Walter Raleigh founded the Roanoke Island colony
hunted for silver and goldsearched for the fabled Northwest Passage The colony at Jamestown nearly failed because of what two actions of the colonists
convicted prisoners All of the following types of men came to Jamestown in 1607 except for
John Smith The man who saved Jamestown from failure in its early days
John Rolfe The man responsible for developing the Jamestowns colony’s first cash crop
the Northwest Passage In addition to gold and silver, what did the London Company hope to find at Jamestown?
burgess A member of the lower house of the colonial legislature in Virginia
Representative government came to America.The first slaves were brought to AmericaJohn Rolfe developed a money crop–tobacco What were the three outstanding events in 1619 that had a great influence on the colonies
a person who worked for four to seven years for passage to the New World What best defines an indentured servant
the fall line The geographical divide between the tidewater and the piedmont is called
House of Burgesses The first representative government in the New World was the
William Byrd established Richmond and Petersburgopposed slavery
Nathaniel Bacon The man who led the farmers of the piedmont in rebellion against Governor Berkeley was

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