FIN 322 Personal Finance C8

The asset most likely to be specifically itemized in a property insurance endorsement is jewelry
Your standard homeowner policy will not include coverage for damage done by: flood
Which of the following events would probably increase your auto premiums? None of these would increase your premium
Which of these will increase car insurance premiums? Filing Claims
A standard HO policy covers damage from most weather-related perils except earthquakes and floods
Which coverage pays for damage to your car when you are at fault? Collision
Negligence results when a person fails to act as a “reasonable person.”
The principle of _____ states that an insured should not be compensated by an insurance company in an amount exceeding the economic loss. indemnity
A homeowner’s policy does not provide protection for the personal property of tenants
A ___ is an example of an attractive nuisance. Trampoline

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