Unit 1 Personal Finance

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding references you would include on a job application or resume? You should contact your personal references ahead of time to ask their permission to include them on your application
You are trying to get an internship at a local newspaper for next summer. Who would be the best personal reference to include on your application? A teacher whose class you’ve received As in the past two semesters
Steven is taking AP courses, plays a fall varsity sport, and is a member of the student council and the chess club. Although he’s busy, he also would like to get a part-time job for 8-10 hours per week to generate spending money for when he hangs out with his friends. What should his focus be when job searching? * How flexible will the employer be with his school and extracurricular activities?
You just finished an interview for a summer internship you’d really like, and the interview seemed to go well. What would be an appropriate follow-up? Send a nice thank you note or email to the person you interviewed with
How does your social media behavior influence your ability to get a job? Having a professional LinkedIn profile is critical since almost all recruiters use it to find talent
Read the excerpt from the following cover letter. Which of the statements is NOT true about the cover letter? “You should know that I have a sincere appreciation of the IRC. I have enjoyed learning about your program and have personally visited your New York headquarters, the San Diego New Roots farm, the We Can Be Heros exhibit, and the Half the Sky exhibit in Los Angeles. The IRC is my top choice and I believe I would be a valuable addition to your fundraising team.” It is not a strong statement, as the applicant is just bragging about all that she has accomplished
Your friend has an interview tomorrow and is seeking his first job. Which of the following represents the WORST piece of advice you can give him? Don’t ask questions during your interview, because you will come across as uninformed or unqualified
Your friend Daniela has prepared a list of questions to ask in her interview tomorrow at a local fast food restaurant. Which question should she NOT ask if she wants to get the job? What happens if there are days when I’m scheduled to work but I have a lot of homework or an after school event I want to attend?
You received a call from an ice cream shop in reference to your recent application for a part-time job. They want you to come in for an interview next Thursday at 6:30pm. What will you wear? Business casual attire, such as non-jeans and a nice collared shirt or blouse
Rosita is a high school student and track team member who has been babysitting her neighbor’s daughter since she was 12. In what order should she structure the sections of her resume? Name/contact info, work experience, education, honors & awards, athletic teams
Your friend, Juliana, has an informational interview next week. She asks you for advice on how to prepare for it. What would you recommend? Create a list of questions ahead of time that will help you get a better understanding of their job and the industry they work in
A potential employer asks Ramon, “What is your greatest professional weakness?” Which answer would probably come across best in an interview? Truthfully, I’m not great at speaking up in large groups, but I’m working on it
Avery wants to apply for an internship in video game development, but she’s never had a job before. What strategy should she use when crafting her resume? Highlight other things she’s done that might make her an attractive candidate — taking a programming class in high school, being VP of the video game club, contributing to online gaming forums regularly
Lisa, a high school student, bags groceries at the local supermarket three nights a week during the school year. She is a _________ worker and likely gets paid _________________.Untitled Question part-time, an hourly wage
Which of these would most likely be classified as an internship? Santos wants to major in marketing and applies for an unpaid job doing social media posting for a local nonprofit
Your friend Wilma wants to create a LinkedIn profile. What advice would you give her? Be sure to proofread for spelling, punctuation, and to make sure you’re presenting your best possible self
Every April, businesses in your city start hiring part-time high school employees to work during the summer. You really want to secure one of these jobs. What information should you have with you to be sure you can fill out an application at any place that’s hiring? Your work history, the proper spelling of your high school, contact info for your references
How should you think about the relationship between your resume and cover letter? Your cover letter should highlight key elements of your resume that make you qualified for the job
A 30-second introduction you prepare in order to introduce yourself to potential employers or professional network connections is called ________________. an elevator pitch
Cover letters can be time consuming to write. Which of these is the best approach to use on this task? Write a personalized cover letter for each job you apply to, but keep it to no more than one page
True or False? It is unprofessional to do online research to learn more about the person you are having an informational interview with. False
Which represents the most traditional sequence of events for being hired for a job? Create resume, fill out application, interview
How is a LinkedIn profile similar to a resume? Both highlight the best features about you that make you “right” for a job
Which set of items would be appropriate to include on your resume during high school? Volunteer experience, sports team participation, computer skills
Geraldo is excited to practice his elevator pitch as he looks for a summer job. “I am looking for a job but don’t have any experience. I want a job so I can make money for things I want, like new wheels for my car and a spring break trip that I want to take with friends. I attend NGPF High School and will graduate next year and need a schedule that works for me.” What’s the biggest problem with his statement? He’s focused on what he wants more than on what he can provide for the employer
What are three things you should do to be mentally and physically prepared for a job interview? You should stay relaxed and calm and try not to be too nervous, know your route so that you can show up to the interview with time to spare, and do research on the company you’re looking to get a job from so you know more about them.
Write two important tips that anyone filling out a job application should know and use.

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