Ch.1 Intro to Financial Management HW

An agency issue is most likely to develop when: The control of the firm is separated from the firms ownership
A corporation is a legal entity separate from its owners
Which of the following occupations best fits into the area of corporate finance Chief Financial Officer
Uptown Markets is financed with 45% debt and 55% equity. This mixture of debt/equity is referred to as; Capital Structure
The primary goal of financial management is most associated with increasing the; Market value of the firm
The primary goal of financial management is to maximize; MARKET VALUE of existing stock
The potential conflict of interest bw a firms owners and its managers is referred to as; Agnecy
Which one of the following functions should be assigned to the corporate treasurer rather than to the controller Cash Management
Which of the following applies to a general partnership Any one of the partners can be held solely liable for all of the partnerships debt
Margie opened a used bookstore and is both the 100% owner and manager. What type of business entity is this? Sole Propiertorship
A domestic security analyst for a brokerage firm, is most likely working in which of the following financial areas? Investments
Which of the following functions is generally a responsibility assigned to the corporate treasurer? Capital Expenditures
Jenna has been promoted and is now in charge of all external financing. In other words, she is in charge of; Capital Structure Management
Theo’s BBQ has 48,000 in current assets and 39,000 in current liabilities. Decisions related to these accounts are referred to as? Working capital management
Jamie is employed as a currency trader in the Japanese yen market. Her job falls into which one of the areas of finance? International Finance

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