Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance – Chapter 12 Money in Review

Legacy Anything handed down from the past; something that someone has achieved that continues to exist after they are gone
Core Values Traits or qualities that represent an individual;s highest priorities, deeply held beliefs and motivating forces; one’s guiding principles
Nonprofits Organizations that use money raised to achieve their goals rather than distributing them as profit
The First Foundation Save a $500 emergency fund
The Fourth Foundation Pay cash for college
Philanthropy Means “love of humanity”; identifying and exercising one’s values in giving and volunteering
False You have to wait until you have a large income before you can help others.
True One financial benefit of giving money to charity is that your contribution may be tax deductible.
All of the above Which of the following should be a consideration when selecting a nonprofit to which you’d like to contribute?
Just a few Is it better to give to many charities or just a few?
65% What percentage of households give to charity?

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