Ch. 9

You have a workbook that contains sales data for different regional sales reps of a company. Which task is the least likely to be done while the worksheets are grouped? Enter specific values for the first sales rep
Your manager sent you a workbook that contains data validation rules. One rule specifies a maximum value of 15% with a warning alert. You try to enter 22% in that cell. What happens? Excel displays a message box informing you the value is above the maximum value and lets you chose to go ahead and enter that value or a different value
The function = FV(D10, D8,-D5) is entered in cell D12. Which cell is a dependent of cell D8? D12
If you want to display a portion of all three worksheets in a workbook, what should you do? Open two new workbook windows, arrange windows, and then click a different worksheet tab in each window
Cell B15 contains the formula =B14+B15. You created a: Reference Formula
A personal trainer stores how much weight each person can lift in several categories. Each week’s data are stored in a separate worksheet within the same workbook, and each workbook has an identical structure. Assume cell F5 contains the weight the first person can bench press. What function can identify that person’s highest amount bench-pressed in all worksheets? =MAX(‘Week1:Week4’!F5)
You want to create a hyperlink on the summary worksheet to a cell in the data worksheet within the same workbook. Which type of link do you create? Existing file or web page
You want to create a situation so that you can monitor the results of cell formulas on a different worksheet as you change data on another worksheet. You should create a: Watch window
You created several workbooks (Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing) in the same folder as the main workbook SchoolOfBusiness. What formula correctly links to cell D20 in the Fall 2018 worksheet within the Finance workbook? =”Finance[Fall 2018]”!D20
You want to restrict data entry to whole numbers greater than 100. What do you create to enforce this data-entry restriction? Validation criteria

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