Government Chapter 8

Individuals and organizations can give an unlimited amount of money to Super PACS
When a coalition of credit card companies forms an interest group called the Partnership to Protect ConsumerCredit, this suggests that that private interests are hiding behind the ideals of public interests
In recent years, the religious right has had a great effect on American politics through grassroots mobilization
When membership in an organization allows for a reduction in the price of museum tickets, it is called a material benefit
The free-rider problem occurs because the benefits of a group’s actions are broadly available and cannot be denied tononmembers
Interest groups are concerned with the ________ of government, while political parties are concerned with the________ of government. policies; personnel
Which of the following was eliminated as a result of 2002 campaign finance reforms? soft money
Which of the following issues is part of the agenda of the New Politics movement?
Most initiative campaigns today are sponsored by interest groups seeking to circumvent legislative opposition to their goals.
Members of interest groups in the United States are typically people with higher levels of income and education.
The liberal-leaning and the conservative-leaning Americans for Prosperity are examples of netroots political association
The collection of grassroots online activist organizations that have redefined membership and fund-raisingpractices and streamlined staff structure are referred to as the pluralists
How the Constitution balances the threat posed by organized interests with the need for liberty is discussed inthe federalists paper no. 10
AARP has approximately ________ members today. 38 million
The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971

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