Chapter 7 and 8

Which of the following statements is true about an organizational chart in the context of organizational structure? It gives information about an organization’s chain of command.
_____ is the division of labor into small, specific tasks and the assignment of employees to do a single task Specialization
Which of the following is a disadvantage of job specialization? It can lead to dissatisfaction and boredom among employees if overly done.
_____ is the grouping of jobs into working units usually called units, groups, or divisions. Departmentalization
All of the following are approaches to departmentalization product, function, andgeographic region.
A company that has departments for marketing, finance, personnel, and production is organized by function
An airlines company having different departments for frequent travelers and occasional travelers illustrates _____ departmentalization. customer
Which of the following concepts deals with giving employees the power to make commitments and use resources to accomplish the assigned tasks? Delegation of authority
Which of the following statements is true about delegation of authority in the context of an organization? It does not relieve the superior of accountability for the delegated job.
_____ is usually preferred when the decisions of a company are very risky and low-level managers lack decision-making skills. Centralization
When an organization has a structure in which decision-making authority is delegated as far down the chain of command as possible, it is said to be exercising: decentralization.
Span of management refers to the: number of subordinates working for a manager
Organizational layers, in the context of assigning responsibility in an organization, refer to: the levels of management in an organization
Which of the following is an informal communication channel? The grapevine
Which of the following is a temporary group of employees, usually chosen for their expertise, responsible for bringing out a specific change? Task force
Viewed from the perspective of operations, the money used to purchase a carpenter’s tools and the electricity used to run his power saw are: inputs
Viewed from the perspective of operations, the furniture items produced by a carpenter are: outputs
From the perspective of operations, food sold at a restaurant and services provided by a plumbing company are: outputs
How do operations managers ensure quality and efficiency during the transformation process? They take feedback at various points in the transformation process and compare them to established standards.
Which of the following statements is true about grapevine? It sometimes carries information that could help in decision making.
Which of the following is true of the transformation process? It occurs in all organizations, regardless of what they produce or their objectives.
For most organizations, the ultimate objective is for produced outputs to be: worth more than the cost of inputs.
Facility location decisions are complex because: the firm must live with it once the decision has been made and implemented.
All activities involved in obtaining and managing raw materials and component parts, managing finished products, packaging them, and getting them to customers are part of: supply chain management.
The term _____ refers to all raw materials, components, completed or partially completed products, and pieces of equipment a firm uses. inventory
Materials that have been purchased to be used as inputs in making other products are included in: raw materials inventory
Minimizing inventory by providing an almost continuous flow of items from suppliers to the production facility is referred to as: just-in-time inventory management.
Which of the following is true about quality? It is a critical element of operations management
_____ refers to the processes an organization uses to maintain its established quality standards. Quality control
T/F:Service organizations require high capitol requirements and low labor to produce an input. False
T/F:Scheduling and Routing are a direct function of the measurement-chain. False
T/F: Inventory control focuses on leveraging a firm’s assets. True
T/F:Control of the operations process is a direction function of Management to ensure that an organization’s resources are being maximized. True
T/F:Decentralization is a direct component of a firm’s cost strategy. True
T/F:There 5 Assigned Tasks in business are: 1) Specialization; 2) Departmentalization; 3) Delegation of Authority; 4) Span of Management, and 5) Organizational Layers. False

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