VB Personal Finance Intro to Investing (Math Quizzes)

QUESTION 1 of 5: You put $500 in an interest bearing bank account that pays 2% per year but has a fee of $2 per month. Are you getting ahead? b) No
QUESTION 2 of 5: You invest $1,000 in a fund. You check your statement at the end of April and you have lost 13%. When the statement for May comes, you see you have gained 13% in May. What is the value of your account? Round to the nearest dollar. c) $983
QUESTION 3 of 5: You invested $2,300 in a stock. Your account now has a value of $2,643. Your percentage gain on the investment (rounded to the nearest percent) was: d) 15%
QUESTION 4 of 5: You have some cash. You can either invest in a short-term bond that pays 4% or payoff some credit card debt at 9%. Which should you do? b) Pay off the credit card
QUESTION 5 of 5: You invested $1,200 in a mutual fund. Your account now has a value of $1,333. Your gain was: a) $133

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