Capstone Midterm

Which of the following would an R&D manager be concerned with Position, age, service life, and new products
Which is the most important factor for customers when buying a performance product Positioning
Which of the following issues should the R&D Department and the Marketing department coordinate on Ensuring product lines meet customer expectations
As an R&D manager, how can you reduce material costs Reduce Service life
How can you change your product release date Adjust accuracy, speed or service life
If your customers have a high level of awareness of your product but are still not buying much of it which of the following scenarios is most likely Your accessibility is low
Which of the following decisions are not found in Marketing Product specifications
Which of the following marketing investments would impact the awareness of all products in that region Regional promo
What does the worst cases forecast directly impact Forecast net margin
Which action would decrease demand Increase Price
Which of the following would a Finance manager be concerned with Managing cash, Issuing/Retiring Debt, Dividend Policy
Typically, matching long-term investments with a mix of equity and long-term debt is considered a good tactic. Which one of the following would be considered a long-term investment Adding capacity
When the Production Department works with the Finance Department, which of the following would be determined Establishing how much capacity and automation is feasible to buy or sell
When the Finance Department works with the R&D Department, which of the following would be determined Ensuring R&D costs per product are properly funded
What is the safest way for a company to replenish cash reserves depleted from plant improvements Finance the investment with a mix of equity and long-term debt
What are the advantages of outsourcing over producing in your plant Outsourcing can be used as a means to temporarily meet demand
What impact does a higher automation rating have on the cost of producing units It reduces unit costs
What happens when scheduled production exceeds plant capacity You won’t produce any of the excess units
What is the actual number of units available Inventory + Fulfillment after Adjustment
Which of the following is a Production Manager concerned with Producing products, capacity, automation, unit cost

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