California: Real Estate Finance Ch 9 quiz

RESPA gives the buyer the right to review the completed settlement statement how long before closing? Three business days
Which of the following is not an item that a buyer usually pays at closing? Fee for clearing the title
What form does RESPA require to be used for itemizing closing costs? Closing Disclosure
RESPA applies to all of the following EXCEPT which? Seller-financed loan
Which of the following is an item that is not normally prorated? Title fees
Proof of ownership of a property is called what? Evidence of title
Accepting referral fees could be a violation of state licensing laws.
Which item is not covered by CLTA, ALTA or ALTA-R insurance policies? Zoning ordinances
Which pages of the Closing Disclosure will look the same regardless of the loan type the consumer is getting? Page 2 and 3
Who is responsible for ordering the preliminary title report? Escrow officer

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