Chapter 10

leasing renting rather than buying
intermediate-term financing borrowing money from 1-10 years
line of credit maximum amount a company can borrow from a bank during a period of time.
short-term financing borrowing money for less that a year.
debt financing raising funds for a business through borrowing.
unsecured bank loans most short term bank credit for business is in the form of:
pays a fixed dividend quality of preferred stoock
pay bills until it gets paid a business would seek short term financing to:
long term financing when a corperation sells bonds it is enganging in:
low interest rates this wouold favor a company’s plan to finance expantion:
stock shares of a business used to finance business expantion
profits amount earned after you subtract total expances
cost benefit analysis comparing the estimated profit with estiated cost
financing obtaining money or capitalfor business expantion
revenues total amount earned before you subtract total expences.
cost of expantion renting new stores and training new workers are examples of:
higher profit a possible benefit of expantion is:
interest earned on savings reward for people who unintentionally finance business growth by depositing funds in a savings acound or CD:
where they are needed most in a marked economy resources go:
make a cost benefit analysis to determine whether or not to expand a business would:

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