Theatre Chapter 6 Munise

producer Which person arranges for ushers, tickets, programs, and other front-of-the-house details?
Which person discovers and reads new plays? dramaturg
The producer is generally responsible for casting. False
t is very important for directors to create interesting visual compositions with the actors in space; this is known as creating effective Stage Pictures
Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of the dramaturg? hiring the directors and performers
Which person maintains quality control of all production elements after opening? stage manager
A director’s first step is to determine the spine of the play. True
Which person oversees the budget? producer
Which person blocks or stages the play? Director
All movement in a play is orchestrated by the choreographer. False
Which of the following is NOT associated with the “front of the house”? Raising money for the production
The artistic director is responsible for all the creative activities of a noncommercial theatre. True
Which person is responsible for raising money to finance a production? Producer
Which person develops a concept for the production? Director
The arrangement and movements of performers relative to each other and to the stage space is called Blocking
Which person communicates the rehearsal schedule to the performers? Stage Manager
Which person researches productions and criticism? Dramaturg
In a noncommercial theatre, the managing director is akin to the ________ in a commercial theatre. Producer
A performance in front of an audience prior to the “official” opening of a play, when the director and the performers discover which parts of the play are successful and which are not, is known as the Preview
The activity of a performer onstage, such as the opening of a letter or the making of a bed, is described by which term? Business
Which person coordinates light, sound, and scene changes during the performance, as well as the entrances and exits of the performers? Stage manager
Which person casts the actors? Directors
Which person works with playwrights to develop new scripts? Dramaturg
When a play is performed as it will be before the public, complete with all production elements but without an audience present, it is called the Dress Rehearsal
The point of view of an auteur production is that of the director, not the playwright. False

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