VB Personal Finance Shopping (Math Quiz)

QUESTION 1 of 5: A store offers 3 for the price of 2. What is the implied discount? b) 33%
QUESTION 2 of 5: A store buys an item for $50 and marks it up 100%. What is the price? c) $100
QUESTION 3 of 5: You can buy an item for $20 at a store within walking distance. You can buy the same item online for $12 with $10 for shipping. Which is the better deal? a) Buying at the local store
QUESTION 4 of 5: You live in a state with a sales tax of 5%. You buy a car for $15,000. What is the sales tax? c) $750
QUESTION 5 of 5: An item has a price tag of $35 and another tag that says, “20% Off.” What is the sale price? c) $28

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