Finance chap. 10 (test 4)

The variance is the average squared difference between which of the following? Actual return and average return
Which one of the following is the positive square root of the variance? Standard deviation
Which one of the following is defined as a bell-shaped frequency distribution that is defined by its average and its standard deviation? Normal distribution
Which one of the following best describes an arithmetic average return? Return earned in an average year over a multiyear period
An efficient capital market is best defined as a market in which security prices reflect which one of the following? All available information
Which one of the following is the hypothesis that securities markets are efficient? Efficient markets hypothesis
Which one of the following combinations will always result in an increased dividend yield? Decrease in the stock price combined with a higher dividend amount
Which one of the following could cause the total return on an investment to be a negative rate? Stock price that declines over the investment period
Which one of the following statements is correct concerning both the dollar return and the percentage return on a stock investment? Without the size of an investment, the dollar return has less value than the percentage return.
Which answer creates a false sentence? Percentage returns: are difficult to compute.
The historical returns on large-company stocks, as reported by Ibbotson and Sinquefield and reported in your textbook, are based on the: stocks of the 500 companies included in the S&P 500 index.
Over the period of 1926-2014, which one of the following investment classes had the highest volatility of returns? Small-company stocks
Over the period of 1926-2014: long-term government bonds underperformed long-term corporate bonds.
The rate of return on which one of the following has a risk premium of 0%? U.S. Treasury bills
Which one of the following had a zero standard deviation of returns for the period of 1926-2014? All of the listed security types had a standard deviation of returns in excess of zero percent.
Which one of the following categories has the widest frequency distribution of returns for the period 1926-2014? Small-company stocks
The period 1926-2014 illustrates that U.S. Treasury bills: can either outperform or underperform inflation on an annual basis.
The historical record for the period 1926-2014shows that the annual nominal rate of return on: U.S. Treasury bills have had a positive rate of return for every year in the period.
What was the average annual risk premium on small-company stocks for the period 1926-2014? 13.2 percent
Based on the period 1926-2014, what rate of return should you expect to earn over the long-term if you are unwilling to bear risk? Between 3 and 4 percent
Which one of the following statements is true regarding the period 1926-2014? U.S. Treasury bills had a positive average real rate of return.
For the period 1926-2014, which one of the following had the smallest risk premium? U.S. Treasury bills
Which one of the following statements is correct? The higher the expected rate of return, the wider the distribution of returns.
Which one of the following is the most apt to have the largest risk premium in the future based on the historical record for 1926-2014? Small-company stocks
The average risk premium on long-term government bonds for the period 1926-2014 was equal to: the rate of return on the bonds minus the T-bill rate.
The standard deviation measures the _____ of a security’s returns over time. volatility
Which one of the following has the narrowest distribution of returns for the period 1926-2014? Intermediate-term government bonds
What is the probability associated with a return that lies in the upper tail when the mean plus two standard deviations is graphed? 2.5 percent
When, if ever, will the geometric average return exceed the arithmetic average return for a given set of returns? Never
Assume the securities markets are strong form efficient. Given this assumption, you should expect which one of the following to occur? The price of each security in that market will frequently fluctuate.
New Labs just announced that it has received a patent for a product that will eliminate all flu viruses. This news is totally unexpected and viewed as a major medical advancement. Which one of the following reactions to this announcement indicates the market for New Labs stock is efficient? The price of New Labs stock increases rapidly to a higher price and then remains at that price.
According to the efficient markets hypothesis, professional investors will earn: a dollar return equal to the value paid for an investment.
Semistrong form market efficiency states that the value of a security is based on: all publicly available information.
Dan is a chemist for ABC, a major drug manufacturer. Dan cannot earn excess profits on ABC stock based on the knowledge he has related to his experiments if the financial markets are: strong form efficient.
If the financial markets are semistrong form efficient, then: only individuals with private information have a marketplace advantage.

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