Finance Exam 3 – (8,9,12)

Next expected annual dividend When valuing a stock using the constant-growth model, D1 represents the:
Cumulative Mary owns 100 shares of stock. Each share entitles her to one vote per open seat on the board of directors. Assume there are three open seats in the current election and Mary casts all 300 of her votes for a single candidate. What is the term used to describe this type of voting?
Cumulative Preferred Which type of stock pays a fixed dividend, receives first priority in dividend payment, and maintains the right to a dividend payment, even if that payment is deferred?
Brings buyers and sellers together A broker is an agent who:
Their own accounts Supplemental liquidity providers (SLPs) trade securities on behalf of:
Post The specific location on the floor of an exchange where a particular security is traded is called a:
D5/(R – g). The price of a stock at Year 4 can be expressed as:
Fifty percent of the shares plus one share Jensen Shipping has four open seats on its board of directors. How many shares will a shareholder need to control to ensure that his or her candidate is elected to the board given the fact that the firm uses straight voting? Assume each share receives one vote.
Preferred stock can be callable Which one of the following statements is correct?
The intercontinental exchange In November 2013, the NYSE was acquired by:
Own a trading license To be a member of the NYSE, you must:
Global select The more actively traded large companies that are listed on NASDAQ are traded in which one of the NASDAQ markets?

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