Personal Finance Chapter 11

job work that one does mainly to make money
career a commitment to work in a field that one finds interesting and fulfilling
standard of living the measure of quality of life based upon the amounts and kinds of goods and services a person can buy
trends developments that mark changes in a particular area
potential earning power the amount of money one may earn over time
aptitudes the natural abilities that people possess
interest inventories tests that help people identify the activities they enjoy the most
demographic trends the tendencies of people grouped by age, gender, ethnicity, education, or income that change over time
service industries the businesses that provide services for a fee
internship a position in which a person receives training by working with people who are experienced in a particular field
cooperative education allow students to enhance classroom learning with part-time work related to their majors and interests
networking a way of making and using contacts to get job information and advice
informational interview a meeting with someone who works in one’s area of interest and can provide them with practical information about the career or company they are considering
resume a one/two page summary of a person’s education, training, experience, and qualifications
cover letter the personal letter that one presents along with their resume
cafeteria-style employee benefits programs that allow workers to choose the benefits that best meet their personal needs
pension plan a retirement plan that is funded at least in part by and employer
mentor an experienced employee who serves as a teacher and counselor for a less-experienced person
What is the connection between education and potential earning power? The more education you have the more potential earning power you have.
What can you do to learn more about your own abilities and interests? You can take interest inventories and aptitude tests.
What is the main goal in choosing a career? You should choose something enjoyable or something that matches your aptitudes.
How can changes in industry and technology influence the job market?
How can a mentor help you develop a career? They can help by serving as a teacher and counselor.

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