VB Personal Finance Intro to Investing (Reading Quiz)

QUESTION 1 of 10: Front end loads: d) Are paid to the mutual fund company when you first purchase the fund
QUESTION 2 of 10: You can tell a scam or fraud because: b) It may tell you that you have won a lottery you never entered, or try to get you to tell your account and personal information
QUESTION 3 of 10: FDIC is: c) A government insurance program that will pay back account holders if the bank or lending institution fails
QUESTION 4 of 10: A money market account: c) Can have a minimum deposit requirement and variable interest, and generally pays a better interest rate than a savings account
QUESTION 5 of 10: Financial goals help savings grow by: b) Helping investors concentrate on the goal, instead of immediately spending money
QUESTION 6 of 10: Money market refers to: a) A collection of highly liquid short term investments
QUESTION 7 of 10: True of False: Savings accounts generally offer a higher yield than money market accounts. b) False
QUESTION 8 of 10: Savings accounts at banks are protected by: a) FDIC insurance
QUESTION 9 of 10: True or False: All investments eventually increase in value if held long enough. b) False
QUESTION 10 of 10: Inflation is: b) A number measured by the government that describes the changing prices of everyday goods.

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