Personal Finance Unit 1 Lesson 3

Corporate structure may be defined as____. The way a business is organized
Which of the following might not be an option for increasing your present income? Quitting your job to find another
Which of the following are effective options to pursue if you want to increase your income? Find a second jobRequest a merit increase in pay
Your resume should include all of the following information EXCEPT: Personal history
The single best way to increase your income is to get an education. Why? You can obtain jobs that have higher starting salaries
Which of the following will most likely earn a higher level of income? A female accountant with a Master’s degree in business administration
The term median means____. There are an equal number of employees earning above the amount provided and an equal number earning below the amount provided
The term average means___. The number calculated by adding all numbers together, then dividing by the total amount of numbers
The term “educational attainment” means_____. Whatever education you have gotten
Which of the following factors should be considered when deciding on a career choice? Selectall that apply Job requirement, including educational level, your skills and interests

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