Finance Flashcards

Personal & Family Finance Unit 2

When talking about economic resources, capital refers to which of the following? Tools and machinery to manufacture goods
An economy where more money is being collected than is being allocated or spent is known as what type of economic stance? Contractionary
While we talk about the stock market as if it were one big entity, the reality is that there are many stock markets around the world. True
What is one economic principle? Resources are limited.
What is a benefit of stock markets? They create jobs. They allow companies to generate income. They allow individuals to invest money and create more money. “All of the above.”
A share of ownership in a company is known as which of the following? Stock
A balanced economy generally has which economic stance? Neutral
Entrepreneurial ability refers to the human resource of finding resources, making business decisions, and creating new products. True
In economic terms, marginal is another word for which of the following? Additional
Why do most companies sell shares of stock? To generate income for the company.
Labor is an unlimited resource. False
What is a sort of auction for stocks in which traders verbally submit their offers? Open outcry
Governments collect money through which of the following? Taxes Bonds Selling resources All of the above
In economic terms, “land” refers only to physical plots of ground. False
The difference between unlimited wants and limited resources affects both individuals and the economy. True

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