Ch. 7 Pt. 2

Donna, vice president of finance, and Bob, vice president of human resources, are ____ managers. functional
Tutors for Students (TFI) is an organization with the purpose of offering tutoring to older students and not making a profit. TFI is an example of a ____ organization. nonprofit
The city fire department offers its services to any individual within its city limits, so even Paul, who is driving through the city on vacation, received assistance with a car fire. The fire department is an example of a ___ organization. commonweal
Josh, a college student, has become very interested in helping his community, so he is interested volunteering in a neighborhood improvement organization. This type of organization is an example of a(n) ______ organization. mutual-benefit
The police chief is meeting with some citizens in his community, where he will discuss the police department’s positive service delivery. The success of his organization is measured by _____. its effectiveness, such as decreased crime
Management scholar Henry Mintzberg found that in their workday, managers ____. have work that is characterized by fragmentation, brevity, and variety
According to management scholar Henry Mintzberg, managers play three roles: interpersonal, informational, decisional
As a store manager, Liandra has to play the role of negotiator, such as purchasing products at a fair price for her company. As she handles this responsibility, Liandra is playing the ____ role. decisional
Greg, the marketing manager, is constantly seeking information about his competition while looking online or speaking to people; this is an example of the ___ role. monitor
Raylene, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, met with business leaders from the local community. Afterwards, she spent time informally answering their questions about the company as part of which managerial role? monitor
To maintain a competitive advantage, the top management of a national furniture store made the decision to increase employee training, add rewards that motivate employees, and look at improving procedures related to disciplining workers. These decisions are part of the ______ role. leadership
Melissa, the hotel manager, knows that the number of guests at her hotel has significantly decreased. Therefore, corporate has made it clear that the amount each department can spend on certain items will need to be cut for the year. Melissa needs to work with the hotel department managers on how to cut costs, as a part of her ______ role. resource allocator
The vice president of human resources for a national electronics retailer is meeting with employees of several stores to present information to workers that their stores are closing and how the company will help employees in the future. This task is part of a(n) _______ role. disseminator
Rebecca, a department manager, has been dealing with two workers in her department who do not get along. Due to family problems for both employees, today they had a loud argument in the break room. Rebecca is meeting with both to resolve the issues as part of which managerial role? disturbance handler
Maria, the public relations manager of a local library, is meeting with the news media regarding a new reading program for children. Maria is performing the _______ role. spokesperson
One of the reasons Ace Distributors, a local manufacturing company, is considered to be a good place to work is that the managers are expected to encourage and reward their employees for developing new products and ways of improving existing products and services. This policy is an example of managers carrying out the ______ role. entrepreneur
Deshawn started a new type of business that provides new and unique services that did not exist before his efforts. This is an example of a(n) ____. entrepreneur
An entrepreneur is best described as ___. someone who takes risks to try to create a new enterprise
An individual or individuals who work(s) within an existing organization, using personal resources to exploit an opportunity, defines a(n) ____. intrapreneur
When Dave, a restaurant owner, had his seafood business destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, he believed that he was in control of his own destiny and made a decision to rebuild the company. Dave is an individual with a(n) ____. internal locus of control
Don, an entrepreneur, has typical entrepreneurial characteristics including ______. self-confidence, belief in personal control of destiny, and high energy level
Sally has a high-paying management position with a Fortune 500 company, but she is tired of working for corporate America. So Sally has decided to start a business, and she knows she will be successful as an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs typically ___. have a high need for achievement
After his company closed the retail location he managed, while Tareq interviewed for other management positions, he began a painting business. Tareq is an example of a(n) ___. necessity entrepreneur
Donna received a degree in management and has several years of strong management experience. As a result of her education and experience, researcher Robert Katz believed that Donna acquired which of the following principal skills? technical, conceptual, human
Technical skills consist of ____. job-specific knowledge needed to perform well in a specialized field
Conceptual skills consist of ____. the ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole, and to understand how the parts work together
When Randy, a general manager of a national retailer, moved to a different store in his company that was having difficulty, he knew that sales were low and after talking to his employees, he found morale was also low. At first Randy thought attitudes were poor due to low sales, but after working closely with employees, he realized that the poor attitudes were actually the cause of poor sales. Randy was able to discover the cause of the problem by utilizing ______ skills. conceptual
Because upper management must deal with problems that are ambiguous but that could have far-reaching consequences, ____ skills are particularly important for top managers. conceptual
Donna, the office manager, spends a large part of her day working closely with those whom she supervises to successfully accomplish the many tasks she is responsible for. She also works well with other departments to get things done. Donna is exhibiting which type of managerial skill? human
______, or the ability to motivate, to inspire trust and to communicate with others, are important for all levels of management. Soft skills

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