4.10 Exam Personal & Family Finance

accounts in non-depository institutions are almost always insured by the government false
check cashing businesses do not require that an individual be an account holder; they will cash any valid check true
credit unions are nonprofit organizations true
financial experts recommend that you compare at least several different institutions in your area and find the one that best meets your needs true
The government provides no oversight of financial institutions in most countries false
What is true about credit unions? they are generally member-owned
The FDIC in the United States insured some financial accounts up to what amount? $250,000
savings and loans institutions put about 70 percent of their money into which of the following? mortgages
mutual fund companies are what type of comoanies? investment
What is the end of the CD account time when the money can be withdrawn? maturity date
an example of a non-depository financial institution is which of the following? brokerage firm
brokerage firms make their profits primarily in which of the following ways? fees or commissions on sales or transfers
commercial banks are funded through which of the following? customer deposits
web-only financial institutions do not have which of the following? physical locations
who would be eligible for a 403(b) account? a government employee

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