Unit Test Review

This table compares the requirements for a career as an athletic trainer or an air traffic controller.A student who is interested in becoming an air traffic controller will make more money than an athletic trainer but will have a harder time finding a job.
Through the successful study of personal finance, an individual will be better prepared for potential problems.
Credit unions differ from retail banks because they are owned by their members.
Which is an example of a financial change that would require budgetary consideration? purchasing furniture
Which are considered types of credit available to borrowers? Check all that apply. personal loanscredit cardsmortgagesauto loans
Companies report people to credit agencies if they fail to pay their bills on time.
Why were savings and loans (S&Ls) originally established? to help people buy homes
Look at the table below showing an example of a checkbook ledger.Adrienne has several receipts from recent transactions that she entered in her records. The receipts include an ATM receipt for a $60.00 withdrawal (plus a $2.00 transaction fee), a grocery store receipt for $32.50, and a $1,200 paycheck deposit slip.When she finishes entering her transactions, Adrienne realizes that her balance is incorrect. Assuming that Adrienne’s beginning account balance was $320.00, why is her balance incorrect? Adrienne did not enter her ATM withdrawal correctly.
The image shows a sales receipt.Based on the receipt, what is the sales tax rate in Sacramento, California? 8.5 percent
What term is used to describe an individual’s money and personal property? assets
Which describes a type of tax that people pay on money they earn? income tax
Which living expense needs to be included in the budget of someone renting an apartment? insurance
Which of these qualify as variable expenses? Check all that apply. clothing purchasesmonthly groceriesmedical prescriptions
Which is a kind of federal payroll tax? medicare tax
A___ form must be filled out when someone is hired for a job to determine how much income tax will be withheld. W-4

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