FINANCE 200 Concepts

Capital Budgeting Includes Evaluation of Size, Timing and Risk of Future cash flows
What is a working capital decision? How Much Cash should the firm keep in reserve?
If you accept a job as a domestic security analyst for a brokerage firm, you are most likely working in which one of the following financial areas? Investments
The primary goal of financial management is to maximize which one of the following for a corporation? Market value of existing stock
Which one of the following transactions occurred in the primary market? South Wind Products sold 1,000 shares of newly issued stock to Mike.
Who owns and operates a company on their own. Fully liable. Sole Proprietorship
Auction Market Has a physical trading floor
What applies to a sole proprietorship? Obtaining additional equity is dependent on the owner’s personal finances.
Limited liability companies are primarily designed to: provide limited liability while avoiding double taxation.
Which one of the following correctly defines a common chain of command within a corporation? The controller reports directly to the chief financial officer.
A limited liability company: prefers its profits be taxed as personal income to its owners.
Which one of the following is contained in the corporate bylaws? Procedures for electing corporate directors
Which one of the following best describes the primary intent of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002? Increase protection against corporate fraud

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