Which of the following is the BEST way to protect against identity theft?A) discard old account statements weeklyB) use only local public access Wi-FiC) Change online account passwords frequentlyD) Avoid emails from people who don’t like you C
Consumer protection laws might result in:A) Fewer unwanted telemarking calls.B) lower prices at the gas stationC) Both A &BD) neither A or B A
Identity thieves can use your personal information to:A) Open a credit cardB) Sign up for electricty serviceC) get a cellphone contract D) All of the above D
Which of the following scenarios might indicate that you have been a victim of identity theft?A)Your credit report displays accounts you did not open.B)You do not pay your credit card bill on timeC)Both A and BD)neither A or B A
what is the safest way to dispose of old bank account statements?A)Throw them out in a neighbor’s trashB)Shred them in a paper shredderC)Keep them bundled together in a folderD) put them the trash unopened B
Which new personal is the strongest alternative to the weak password: “ilovedogs”?A)$iLOV3dGs6!B)LovwDogs18C)@EyeIUvDawGsD)All of the passwords are equally secure A
The safest action to take if someone claiming to be from your bank calls you to ask for account information is to: A) Pull up the bank website and compare informationB) Hang up and call back using the bank’s official phone numberC)Ask the caller to explain the account information they need in more detailD) Provide only your name and account number B
What is a way to protect your social security number and other sensitive information from identity theft?A) Don’t tell creditors when you move.B) Limit how many credit cards you carryC) Use a simple password that is easy to rememberD) All of the above B
The best way to investigate fraudulent transactions on your credit card is to:A)Review your recent credit card statementsB)Review old bank statementsC)Keep a copy of your bank statements in a safe placeD)Keep track of your monthly budget A
after a suspected identity fraud case has been resolved, you should:A) continue to monitor your credit reports and accountsB) Keep all copies of relevant documentationC)Both A and BD) Neither A or b C
Which document puts you at the LEAST risk of identity theft?A)Cash receipts B)Pre-approved credit card offersC)Old tax recordsD)Paycheck stubs A
The primary goal of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is:A) To monitor your credit report and ensure you identify and other sensitive data has not been compromised B) to protect against abusive or deceptive debt collection purposes.C) to protect consumers by regulating financial products and servicesD)to protect consumers against false advertising and other unfair business practices C
it is generally safe to provide you social security number to:A) anyone who asks you for itB)verified trusted sources that need it C)school personnel who want to have it on record D)close friends and relatives who don’t know it. B
Where could an identity theft access your personal information?A) While on public WiFi at your neighborhood coffee shopB)form stored password data on your cell phoneC)Both A and BD)Neither A nor B c
Which action will be least helpful if you’ve been the victim of identity theft ?A) report the fraud to each credit bureau B) contact you bank and credit card companied C)With draw you only from all accounts D) ordering latest credit reports C
If you’re in a car accident caused by someone else who also has insurance, which type of insurance plan will NOT require you to pay out of pocket costs?A)High deductible planB)Low deductible planC)Either A or bD) Neither A Or B C
Which of the following statements about taxes is FALSE?A)taxes are collected at the local, state and federal levelB)some states don’t collect income taxC)some states don’t collect sale taxD)Taxes at the local, state, and federal level are all equal D
The amount you owe in state income tax is based on:A)How much you spend each yearB)Your yearly earningsC)the value of your homeD)how long you have lived in the state B
Which of the following are NOT deducted on a typical pay stub:A)Sales taxB)Social security taxC)state income taxD)medicare tax A
Which is an example of withholding you might see on your pay stub?A)health insurance B)retirement savingsC)Both A and bD)Neither A nor B C
When starting a new job, the form you complete to determine how much tax to withhold from your paycheck is called the ___________.A)1040EZB)1099C)W-2D)W-4 D

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