Unit Test Review Personal Finance

A high-risk investment is characterized by a greater percentage chance of loss.
Read the scenario.Yuri has $100 to spend at the store. He spots a pair of designer jeans with a $98 price tag on them but knows that he can buy three pairs of $30 jeans for about the same price. He still decides to buy the $98 pair.What is most likely Yuri’s motivation behind buying the pricier pair? conspicuous consumption
Because cost of living varies, it is important to consider ___________ when conducting a job search. location
A credit score tells a lender how trustworthy someone is as a borrower.
Credit unions differ from retail banks because they are owned by their members.
Why is compound interest preferable to simple interest? Compound interest pays interest on the principal and the interest earned in each period.
Emily is deciding whether to buy the same designer jacket her friends have. The jacket is much more expensive than a similar one from a lesser-known brand.Which questions should she consider before she buys the jacket? Check all that apply. 1234
When applying for credit, what information should borrowers research? Check all that apply. 134
Which statement best explains paying in cash to cover the costs of an education? It requires the use of savings.
Read the sample advertisement.Lose body fat and feel healthier with our proven supplement, Edgozene! Losing weight is easy with Edgozene! Just take two pills before each meal. You’ll start to feel full and won’t eat as much. No other diet pill offers what our product does and, if you buy now, you can get two bottles of Edgozene for just $29.95!Which detail is most likely to give consumers a false sense of security about using Edgozene? our proven supplement
Federal and state governments protect victims of identity theft by creating laws that impose fines and jail time for identity thieves.
Adrienne has several receipts from recent transactions that she entered in her records. The receipts include an ATM receipt for a $60.00 withdrawal (plus a $2.00 transaction fee), a grocery store receipt for $32.50, and a $1,200 paycheck deposit slip.When she finishes entering her transactions, Adrienne realizes that her balance is incorrect. Assuming that Adrienne’s beginning account balance was $320.00, why is her balance incorrect? Adrienne did not enter her ATM withdrawal correctly.
Missing one payment may cause borrowers to be charged a late fee.
If a borrower provides collateral and fails to repay the loan, the lender can sell the collateral to cover losses.
Which is an example of a short-term investment? savings account

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